Thursday, July 28, 2005

Under the microscope

This is a project that I want to do maybe bi-monthly if I can get around to it. It will be different from just my reviews because I will not be doing it song by song and I will be doing lots of comparisons throughout. It will consist of two parts with the main part being just a breakdown on what I have thought and currently think of an album. The second part will be the impact and influence where I will try to define what kind of impact this album had on the band or the scene. I believe I could hate an album, but still grudgingly have to admit it had a positive influence of some sort if indeed it did.
How will I choose an album to put under the microscope? Well, first I will choose a hard rock/metal album from between 1970-1992 that way I have a lot to choose from and I won't infringe upon the 20 year old albums I review. The other part of choosing an album is that it will have to be one where I have some question as to how good it really is or there is something about that makes me think it deserves a closer look. So something like Iron Maiden's The number of the beast would not be one I would pick because I love it and always have, I know what's great about it and I can easily define it's impact and influence. However something like Iron Maiden's Seventh son of a seventh son is an album I might pick to go under the microscope. It was a big change for Maiden with some very different songs and it may very well have changed the whole direction of the band for the years that followed. Yes, this may be something that will only appeal to me, but so be it I am going to give it go and see what I find. Not really sure when I will get the time to do one, but hopefully in August I will be able to get one out. The first one will definitely be an album I have struggled with since the day it came out almost 17 years ago. It will be none other than Metallica's And justice for all which is the album that inspired me to try this project. A year or so ago I found out my copy of And justice for all was rotting away. I finally had to throw it out when it became unplayable. Then I debated over whether or not to buy another copy because of my problems with this album, but I finally bought it the other day. After listening to it I felt compelled to try and sit down and sort out what really troubles me with this album and what I may have misjudged about it. So with inspiration that came from a rotting cd will come a new project where I try to really reach down and figure out an album.


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