Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween and metal

Yes, I know it is a week away, but I wanted to write about the upcoming holiday and it's connection to metal. Many metal bands have written songs about monsters and other topics that tie in quite nicely to Halloween. Alice Cooper, Kiss, King Diamond and many other acts have tied in elements of horror in with their stage shows. The Coop has often done shows on Halloween and I am sure he gets a crowd. I of course love metal and Halloween so it's a fun month for me. When I was in high school and college, I would try to listen to album or two that was horror related on Halloween. Oftentimes it was Alice Cooper, King Diamond or Slayer. I have gotten away from doing that in recent years due to working on Halloween or just having to do things around the house. This year we will be taking my daughter Trick or treating on Halloween, but I may try to make time for a horror related metal album or two on Saturday or Sunday. Maiden's The Number of the beast might be the first one that comes to mind. Even though not all of the songs are related, a few are and it's a great album. Alice Cooper's Love it to death comes to mind as a top choice as well. I mean it is certainly horror related because it has The ballad of Dwight Frye which is about the character actor who was in Universal's Dracula as well as several horror films in the 1930's. I used to love King Diamond back in the late 80's, but now I find his solo stuff a bit hard to take (except for the debut) due to his voice, but I could still listen to Mercyful Fate anyday. I love horror films a lot as well and try to watch them frequently during October, but I will try to squeeze in a few horror metal albums as well in the next week.


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