Friday, January 11, 2008

Vinyl spotlight

Here are two albums that have really nothing in common except that I own them both. Nothing real rare, but one is pretty good and one is a little interesting because of who is in it.


This is Billion Dollar Babies-Batttleaxe and it was made in 1977 and was on Polydor. I bought this used from a co-worker for $3.00 in 1992. I never heard of this project before my co-worker mentioned it. As you may have guessed from the band name there are ties to Alice Cooper. Indeed 3/5 of this band is made up of 3/5 of the original Alice Cooper band as drummer Neil Smith, bassist Dennis Dunaway and guitarist Michael Bruce (who also sings on this release) are all part of Billion Dollar Babies. Overall the music is just alright as it's much more pop oreinted than early 70's Alice Cooper, but I was interested enough in it and the price was low. The cover looks like it could have been a Scooby-Doo villain, "zoinks, it's the hard rock phantom!".


Next is Testament's Live at Eindhoven EP from 1987 and it was released on Atlantic and Megaforce. It was a European release, but fairly easy to find around the late 1980's. I saw it when it first came out, but for some reason always bought something else because even though it was an EP it was going for about $10.00. Then around 1989 the record store at the mall was clearing out a lot of their metal releases on vinyl and I picked it up new for $4.00. It's a pretty solid recording that I still play from time to time.


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