Sunday, April 06, 2008

ShannoN-Angel in disguise


In the world of metal the term "melodic" doesn't always have to be a dirty word if a band knows how to use it to their advantage. The key to making good melodic metal has to do with the band's ability to use the melodies to make the song catchy, but also they need use the metal side to give it a good solid backbone to keep it going. Well, France's ShannoN obviously have this skill and they not how to use it, but they know to wield it, twirl it and spin some excellant melodic metal with poise and precision. I was hooked about two minutes into opener "Do you know?" due to the powerful vocals and extremely tight arrangement. The album continues on the same high level as the band soars through track after track of some of the best of this type of metal in some time. As far as influences I would say Scorpions, MSG, early 220 Volt and even Dio come to mind throughout the course of "Angel in disguise". They certainly play a style that makes this album sound like it could have been done between about 1986 and 1990, but it's so instantly likable and of high quality that being a little dated doesn't really matter. There are a few songs with some moments that are a little lighter than I may have prefered, but they are few and far between. Obviously they know the style they are comfortable with and they plunged straight into it and created thirteen tracks with a great deal to offer. This band has been around for a decade, but didn't release their debut until 2003. However they are certainly doing enough to make an impression now. Easily one of the better metal albums I have heard so far this year and I would highly recommend it to fans of late 80's/early 90's style metal.

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