Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SOS-Adult Situations


New York's SOS had me thinking back to the late 80's and early 90's. They have some of the NY hardcore sound of that time. Plus they have mixed in metal and even a few bursst of the kind of light funk that worked it's way into some heavy music say twenty years ago. The biggest difference might just be that SOS benefit from better production that most underground bands lacked two decades go. The two things I really like about this band is their direct approach and the blending of styles. They know to get to the point when needed and the best songs are short and sweet. Around the midpoint of the album they lost me a little. They slowed down and settle in for some very average tunes that lack hooks and energy. They rebound from it, but never really get back to the fire that they showed on the first say five songs of the disc. That's too bad because I think this easily could have been a better disc. Granted they follow a very basic formula at best, but they handle it well. Then the band unfortunately seem to have felt the need to add some filler.They fight back enough towards the end to finish above average. They hit some intense moments and they can be tight when they want to, but there simply needed to be more of that type of approach.

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