Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jeff Scott Soto-Live At Firefest 2008

As Mark mentioned in an earlier post Jeff Scott Soto has a resume that includes stints with Yngwie Malsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Journey and Talisman (along with dozens more). He has carved out a career as simply one of the best hard rock/heavy metal vocalists around. With Live At Firefest 2008 Soto gives us a unbelievable collection of some of his best material. One listen and you can tell why he has been offered so much studio work and touring opportunities. As unreal as this might sound Live At Firefest has to be one of the best live albums I have ever heard! Hard rock standouts like "21st Century Man" and "Soul Divine" are the stuff dreams are made of. Backed by a band that is tight Soto knocks it out of the park with his singing. Honestly he sounds as good live as he does in the studio (unlike most of today's popular Hot Topic "metal" bands). The guy is amazing. The concert offered something for everyone. Yes you get killer hard rock. But there are also ballads, funk and even disco (which Soto makes work trust me).
I couldn't help but wonder afterwards why Jeff Scott Soto isn't more of a household name? Material like this makes a strong case for it. Thanks Mark for giving me the opportunity to review a treasure like this. A must have.


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