Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunn 0)))-ØØ Void

Southern Lord

ØØ Void was initially released in 2000 by HydraHead in North America and Rise Above in Europe, with only a limited number re-issue from Daymare Records in Japan in 2008. So now Southern Lord has re-issued it for everyone to hear. Sunn 0))) are a band that I have wanted to like, but have never gotten as much as I'd hoped. I can appreciate drone, but oftentimes the music from these guys is a bit too much like background chatter for me. Very slow drawn out chatter, but still not as focused as I would like. However this their second album appealed to more than a number of their albums that had come out it. We get four tracks each around 14 or 15 minutes. They have the reverb up high and they operate with a great deal of repetition. If you can have patience and sit back to absorb each note and beat being extended then you can appreciate it. On this album I was album to do just that. I think the closer Ra at dusk was my favorite track with it's thick resonating tone absorbing all my senses. It was heavy without be overwhelming and forceful without being too ham fisted. So maybe it's time I went re-visited some of their other albums I have not heard in a few years to see if I feel any different about them.

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