Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sleepy Hollow-Skull 13

Pure Steel Records/High Roller Records

Good things come to those who wait and that certainly holds true for Sleepy Hollow's long-awaited new album. "Skull 13" is an album I have been anxious to hear and from the opening moments of "Death of the Horseman" you just know that the long wait has been worth it! The instant Bob Mitchell lets out that first Rob Halford meets David Wayne shriek you know your going to be in for some great old-fashioned US metal of the highest caliber. Added by fellow (original) member's guitarist Steve Stegg and drummer Tommy Wassman and new bassist Mike LePond (of Symphony X fame) Bob wastes little time pulling you into the fire. These New Jersey power metal warriors blow things apart with tracks like "Facemelter" and "Bleed Steel". From the moment you turn this one on "Skull 13" has all the tools needed to make Sleepy Hollow into legends. With nods to bands like Saxon, Judas Priest, Symphony X, Grim Reaper and Metal Church this is one album that proves US power metal still has sharp teeth left. I can't recommend this one enough folks. If heavy metal runs in your blood like it does mine and you can't get enough of acts like Metal Church then "Skull 13" is a must-have. For the record Pure Steel Records is releasing the CD version while High Roller Records will put out the LP one. Also, if you so desire you can read my review of Sleepy Hollow's "Rest In Pieces" below.


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