Thursday, June 13, 2013


Street Symphonies Records

Released at the tail end of 2012, this 7-track EP is the latest from Italy's Sange: Main: Machine. Wondering about the strange name? Well, the band is lead by former Tarchon Fist front-man Luigi "Sange" Sangermano so that should help clear up the name game somewhat. Even if it doesn't clear things up it's the music that matters most right? Here we're talking about a group that's on the heavier side of melodic rock or, for the sake of easier understanding, more in line with classic hard rock. So what does that entail then you might be asking? As this EP features a cover of Kiss's "Creatures Of The Night" that's a good starting point. By Kiss we're talking about the mid to late eighties Kiss not the disco-era Kiss (The less said about that version of Kiss the better!). With one track sung in Italian there is a bit of a novelty vibe to this EP and, for the sake of informing fans of this rock/metal group, three tracks out of the seven were previously released on different compilation albums. I'd wager though that, like me, most reading this review have never heard of  Sange: Main: Machine. That's fine as all you need to know about "By Your Side" can be wrapped up in a few choice words. Those words would be "high energy (rocking) hard rock/heavy metal with melody and musicianship to spare!". Find out more about this splendid act at their Facebook page below.

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