Friday, September 20, 2013

Tyrants Blood-Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tridroid Records

This is the third full-length release for Vancouver, British Columbia's extreme metal band Tyrants Blood. It's also the first vinyl release for Tridroid Records. Talk about a perfect union! The band's "Into the Kingdom of Graves", which is a hot as hell collection of blackened speed metal at it's finest, makes for an obvious addition to the Tridroid family. This cool as f**k album was initially a self-released affair, but (should anyone wonder) it's production is fairly appropriate for freaky fast metal like this. With their last full-length studio album, "Crushing Onward into Oblivion", having been released at the beginning of 2010 (to pretty good reviews I might add) it's been a long wait for fans of this Canadian band. From the sound of this unholy hybrid of death metal, black metal, speed metal and thrash, which (when combined) truly makes for some vicious shit, I'd say that the LONG wait was worth it friends!  Album number three for the band, which (incidentally) was formed back in 2005 by former Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco (also ex-The Chargers, ex-Thor and ex-Witches Hammer), is nothing short of insane! If you've ever been on the lookout for the text-book definition of "extreme metal" then search no more my friends! Tyrants Blood are extreme metal. In fact their probably one of the more EXTREME acts in the extreme metal scene. In it's present form you have a band that has nearly mastered the fine art of controlled chaos, metal-style! In addition to the mad skills of guitarist Marco Banco, whose playing is fast and furious and yet technically precise you could argue, Tyrants Blood features the services of the lead vocalist Brian "Messiah" Langley (Infernäl Mäjesty, Cradle To Grave, ex-Mecha Messiah), bassist/vocalist Vinnie Borden (ex-Omega Crom) and drummer Matt Blood (Ex-Abuse, ex-Crackwhore, ex-Splatter, etc.). All told these are four well-traveled, seasoned musicians who make Tyrants Blood a monster of a band. Whether you like your extreme metal on CD or vinyl (which is my preference) this is one sick & twisted, mean mofo of an album that needs to be heard loud and in living color in order to truly appreciate the insane magic that lies waiting for you in the dark. Even if the metal on display here comes across as a total freak-out moment, which makes sense when you hear for yourself the insane version of speed metal that has been slathered on top of  the band's already extreme style, the album never feels as if it will lose complete control or burn up. Instead Marco Banco and company present a level of professionalism seldom heard or seen in the field of extreme metal. And while you might look at the album art and re-read the various words used to describe this band (black metal for example) this collection of extreme metal tracks doesn't feel cold or distant. Rather, the material here is filled with life and energy even if it does take the form of excessive extremism. Most definitely I recommend picking up this one (preferably on vinyl as it will likely give it even more of an underground vibe) for fans of extreme metal.

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