Friday, November 22, 2013

Firelord-Among The Snakes


With "Among The Snakes" (a remarkably accessible collection of Black Sabbath-inspired heavy "Doom 'n' roll" metal!) Italy's Firelord wins the contest for the coolest album cover of the week, hands down! Tracing their roots back to the doom metal band Saint Judas, which had previously been formed by Firelord guitarist/vocalist Mario E. Bussini, this three piece act was formed in 2007 with "Among The Snakes" being their first full-length debut. Prior to this one, which was just released a little over a week ago!, the group released "The Burning EP". Well, there is that EP hanging around in their past as well as the none-too-shocking admission that here we have another cool band that ended up with all kinds of unfortunate line-up changes. All that shuffling that was going on did pay off as thankfully we are looking at a really respectable trio of musicians here on this freshly-baked batch of stoner rock/doom metal goodness! Filling out the rank and file of Firelord is bass player Mario Pappano and drummer Giulio Buscaglione. For those keeping track at home that makes two different Marios in this Turin-based outfit! Both Mario's are equally talented as far as I am concerned with the meaty riffs on this release sounding as if they have been infused with fire and brimstone! Meanwhile our "odd man out" Giulio might not be a Mario, but he beats his drum set like a crazed tribal warrior and does a kick-ass job of keeping his fellow bandmates in check! Together these three stone cold rockers are as delightfully damning as their cover artwork suggests! With influences also including the likes of like Orange Goblin, Count Raven. Monster Magnet, Candlemass, Karma to Burn  and all things Wino (From his days fronting Saint Vitus to Wino's other adventures in stoner rock it's no secret that this Italian act is as much fans of Scott Weinrich as the rest of us are!) this is one act that can reach out to both sides of the aisle. Whether you choose to light it up or go at it clear-headed this is a splendid release and a must-buy for doom metal and stoner rock fans alike. You can check out Firelord's "Among The Snakes" right below and trust me you'll want to! In addition to their own, very cool material (which rages like King Kong on a coke binge!) these guys do serious justice to Black Sabbath's "Children Of the Grave". I'm almost tempted to say that I prefer Firelord's version to the original, but the last thing I need is a anger mob of crazed Ozzy supporters coming at me with torches and pitchforks! So, I'll just leave it to your imagination folks as to which version is better...

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