Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview with Norman Skinner

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Norman Skinner. As the lead vocalist of both Skinner and Hellscream (two exceptional metal acts!) he brings a powerful set of lungs and a clear and demanding presence to the stage. If you have yet to read my reviews of both band's latest releases I've provided links at the bottom of this article. And finally I just want to thank Norman for taking the time out of his crazy busy schedule to chat about Skinner and life in general!

Andy-Could you briefly tell us about Skinner? Who's who these days as far as the line-up is concerned?

Norman-Definitely! This is easily the best combination of talent I have worked with to date. Also I need to add the most cohesive unit as everyone works well together and seamlessly. The band started with 3 of us founding SKINNER. Myself… Norman Skinner (Vocals), Robert Kolowitz (Guitars), & Jim Pegram (Bass). Jim took a short hiatus from the band during the time of our debut EP but has since returned to the line-up. We were the 3 former Imagika members that decided to move forward with a new band. The next addition was Robert’s son Grant Kolowitz (Guitars). Alfred San Miguel (Guitars) was next to join the ranks 1st as a guest lead player on our EP “The Enemy Within” but soon after permanently as our third guitarist. The newest member is Noe Luna (Drums). He was the missing and final piece to the puzzle. I now believe we have a killer and hopefully long-term line-up.

Andy-You're a man of many hats Norman, Just how do you find the time for everything?

Norman-Honestly there are times when I feel I do not have time for everything. Ultimately it all comes down to prioritizing. I have a job & family. 2 full-time bands Skinner & Dire Peril and a couple projects Hellscream & Tramontane. I also do various guest vocals on albums and live performances which really keeps my plate full. I run a yearly Metal Show called “Screams of Metal” Festival and have just this month launched my own record label “Dead Inside Records”. Let’s just say I am passionate about Metal and must be a bit crazy!!

Andy-Your debut EP is straight-up METAL!!! Can we expect more of the same out of the new album?

Norman-Thank you so much!! This new album “Sleepwalkers” due out May 6th is everything “The Enemy Within” was just taken up a notch. “The Enemy Within” in reality is simply a demo that we self-released to hold everyone over until the entire album was completed. All 4 songs were re-recorded along with a ton of new material so if you liked the EP you will love the full-length.

Andy-Any fave moments on the new album?

Norman- I love how the songs we originally recorded for the EP sound so much more epic on the new CD. Added tunes like Guilt-Ridden, Orphans of Liberty, & The Breathing Room are personal favorites off the CD. I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.

Andy-What does the rest of 2014 hold in store for you personally and for the band?

Norman-For Skinner we just released our 1st music video for the song “Sleepwalkers” off our upcoming CD. We will be releasing a lyric video for “Orphans of Liberty” and most likely a full video for “The Breathing Room”. We have only 2-3 more songs to finish writing before we head back into the studio to begin recording our next untitled full-length release. Besides all the exciting things happening with Skinner I will be releasing 2 EP’s with Dire Peril titled “Queen of The Galaxy” & “Through Time And Space”. Dire Peril already has another full-length album written titled “Final Scenes For Forgotten Worlds” and we will most likely start tracking that at the end of the year. No news just yet but I be involved in a couple other projects this year… I’m always putting my fingers in something. Finally this year I plan to begin signing acts to my new label and growing it as much as I can.

Andy-Any parting shots? The mic is all yours Norman!

Norman- I just want to really thank anyone and everyone that has supported any of my musical endeavors. It’s no secret I love what I do and I love collaborating and sharing the adventure with as many fans\friends as possible am excited to see what the rest of this year holds. If you are a new band looking to sign with a startup label please send your submissions to My team is currently accepting and reviewing all press kits.

Review of Skinner's "The Enemy Within":

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