Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dust Bolt-Awake the Riot

Napalm Records

From Munich, Bavaria (Germany) we find Dust Bolt with their second full-length release (and third over-all with the EP, "Chaos Possession" having served as the debut awakening back in 2010) since forming back in 2006. Looking over this one's art-work should give you a solid clue as to what awaits you under the covers, but if it isn't obvious enough then these German metalheads are all about thrash and nothing else! Despite hailing from Germany though Dust Bolt takes the listener of the Bay Area on more then a few occasions bring to mind everyone from German heroes like Destruction and Kreator (as well as Warrant) to American acts such as Exodus (their first three release specifically!), Death Angel and Vio-Lence. And one cannot help but thank them for taking you along on such a great trip! Everything here clicks from the vocals (tough and gruff!) to the leads (insane, Bay Are love shredding!) making the righteously furious "Awake the Riot" (due to drop here in the U.S. in June) a must-add CD if you are collector of all things thrash inspired! 

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