Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Megan Rüger-Rockstar

Broad Horizon Records

Serving as her first recording of all original compositions, "Rockstar" is a brand new studio release from  Nashville, Tennessee' singer/songwriter (and one-time American Idol and The Voice contestant!) Megan Rüger. This well-produced EP features seven diverse songs which range from country to guitar rock and it shows off the amazing range of this former TV star. These songs include the title track and the two singles, "Red" and "Hey! Hey! It's Okay". Recorded and mixed by guitarist/keyboardist/programmer Jamey Perrenot (Taylor Swift / Leann Rimes), "Rockstar" starts things off with some good old fashioned pop rock in "Sorry, I'm Not Sorry" and then moves from country (the solid title track) to the Halestorm-like rock of "(Why Does Your Bad) Feel So Good"! From there you'll experience some splendid modern alternative rock in the form of "Again" (think Paramore) and then Megan return's to her roots with the country rock "White Flag". The previously-mentioned singles ("Red" and "Hey! Hey! It's Okay") close out "Rockstar" in grand fashion while further showcasing just how talented this spunky singer is! On the first single, "Red", Megan Rüger ends up channeling the heart and soul of Joan Jett as well as the wild spirit of the artist Pink!! With it's great rock and roll guitars and sweet alternative rock vibe it's a fun song that should get plenty of airplay if it's marketed correctly. Even if it isn't quite as strong as "Red", the same thing can be said of  the EP's last song, "Hey! Hey! It's Okay". Picking up where "Red" left off, "Hey! Hey! It's Okay" also sounds as if it had Pink in mind...or at least quirky personality.  More pop than rock, "Hey! Hey! It's Okay" offers yet another (positive) angle by which to judge this highly-versatile singer and it ends things in such a upbeat manor that you can't help but want to hear more! Now out on Broad Horizon Records, "Rockstar" is the sound of one legitimate artist that is actively seeking proper recognition in a field full of imitators and flat-out fakes. With any luck Megan Rüger will find true success....

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