Wednesday, May 17, 2017

8kids-Denen die wir waren

Napalm Records

Falling somewhere between (heavy rock-infused) post-hardcore and emotional metal, Germany's 8kids (
Jonas Jakob, Hans Koch, and Emma McLellan) will release their full-length debut later this month. The outstanding album is entitled "Denen die wir waren" and it comes along some four years or so after this group first got together. Effectively sung in the band's native language, "Denen die wir waren" is a hook-heavy release that translates to The Ones We Used To Be. It features angst-ridden lead vocals courtesy of guitarist Jonas Jakob and finds the three members of 8kids cleverly adding small does of (80's and early 90's) alternative rock & heavy metal into the mix. Emma McLellan's rock-steady drumming goes a long way towards the ultimate success of this little experiment. Even though the album is in German it loses none of it's effectiveness. The urgent nature of Jonas Jakob voice cuts right through the language barrier and makes you think about how close this band is to being a punk rock outfit. Given it's pressing vibe, savvy guitar riffs, and Emma McLellan's smashing job on the drums, 8kids' first album is a worthwhile listen no matter where you dwell!

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