Thursday, January 25, 2018

Piss River-Piss River

The Sign Records

Let's face the facts: Piss River is quite a moniker for a band. It is definitely one of those names that will make people stand up and take notice. It's not a question of will they look your way (and subsequently tune in to what you have to offer), but rather it is a question of what will you do now that you have their undivided attention? For this (N.W.O.B.H.M.-influenced & punk rock-infused) Swedish hard & heavy/heavy rock quartet the answer seems obvious enough. Ladies and gents, boys and ghouls, the 12-track "Piss River" is here to rock your head off and steal your heart! Lead by an intoxicating front-woman named Sofia Nilsson and comprised of members Auktion, Skitkids and Warchild, the four members of Piss River toss out all the rules of rock and roll with their (damn fantastic!) self-titled debut. Influenced as much by bands like Girlschool & Motörhead as they are L7 and The Gits, Piss River plays up to their (some-what provocative) name while simultaneously making sure that the music is incredibly-addictive and highly-memorable! To go along with the smashing riffs and cool as can be choruses, "Piss River" is chock full of attitude and grit. Thanks to the effort of singer Sofia Nisson, "Piss River" is also punchy and downright fun! In fact there isn't a dull moment to be found on "Piss River". In addition to their own original material (all of which I thoroughly enjoyed!), Piss River (vocalist Sofia Nisson, guitarist Björn Bergström, bassist Viktor Boström, and drummer Albin Bilar) perform a cover "Police Car" by Larry Wallis (ex-Motörhead). Originally released in the seventies, "Police Car" is given a great makeover by Piss River. The track feels right at home on this lyrically-charged release. Now, as far as the band's original compositions are concerned? Like I said earlier, "Piss River" is devoid of filler material. Starting off with the punk rock meets Girlschool foot stomper "Desolation", "Piss River" is one cool cut after another. If you add lots of beer and some tasty snack food, "Piss River" is like the best party you have ever been to! This is a rock and roll album for punks and metalheads, party animals and all-out maniacs!! By the time you get to album's closer ("Bad Reputation") you are left with nothing but a smile and the overwhelming desire to do it all again. Sure, "Piss River" isn't due out until the end of April, but it is never too early to start hyping the next great thing in all of rock!

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