Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Singles: Voltang - "Garbage People" (Official Music Video)

Voltang is a (hardcore & punk-infused) hard & heavy rock/raw heavy metal band from Hamilton, Ontario. Earlier this month the group put out the official music video for "Garbage People". That in and of itself isn't all that weird.I mean bands put out music videos all of the time. The only thing that is strange about  "Garbage People" is that it is from the band's 2016 album, "Bad Sounds". Loud and proud (and quite a bit like a sharp stick to the eardrums!), the video for "Garbage People" is two or so years late to the party. Even so, Voltang drops a hammer to the top of your head with this maddening metal number. Like the album from which it came, "Garbage People" is mean and ugly. It's pumped up by anger & frustration and geared towards today's lost generation of punks, metalheads, and misfits of all shapes and colors. With a run-time of 4:22, Voltang's new video is better late than never...

"Garbage People" Official Music Video:

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