Monday, March 12, 2018

Weaponlord-Hail the Victorious


Formed in late-2014, Weaponlord is a heavy/power metal band that hails from Seattle, Washington and is currently fronted by vocalist/guitarist Bison Longshot (ex-Arsenal). Just released on March 9th, "Hail the Victorious" is the full-length debut from this U.S. metal band that also includes guitarist Cody J. Brumlow (ex-Arsenal), bassist/backing vocalist Leona Hayward (Northern Crown, ex-Faethom, ex-Impurity, ex-Antitheist), and drummer Chris Craven (Oxygen Destroyer, Perception, ex-Arsenal). The 10-track album runs close to 44 minutes and it joins a back-catalog that includes a demo, one split, and two singles. Having gone through the obligatory line-up changes getting from point A to point B, Weaponlord has developed their own brand of (simply-killer!) heavy/power metal. With screaming vocals torn straight out of the pages of the vintage U.S. power metal scene(!), this Seattle outfit seems to take it's cue from old-school U.S. power metal (up to and including (early) Metal Church and fellow Washington natives, Sanctuary), traditional metal (the heavier the better), and (nineties-era) Judas Priest. Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication to their craft, Weaponlord takes these different elements and makes something all their own. In this day and age you couldn't ask for a better example of (top of the self brand) American heavy/power metal than this band. Based solely on the strength of this well-recorded debut album, Weaponlord should be scooped up and signed to a label in no time flat!

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