Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cherry White-Staring At The Sun


Formed in 2009, Cherry White is a four-piece band from London that is comprised off Donata Sounds  (vocals), Russell Jones (guitars), Ralph Beeby (bass), and Felipe Drago (drums). "Staring At The Sun" is the group's latest studio recording and this recently-released EP was engineered at Bark Studios by Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, The Firm, My Bloody Valentine). It was preceded by the single release of the EP's lead-off track, "Drifter", and for a indie blues-rock band that had previously made a name for itself thanks to upbeat shows this new recording goes a long way towards transferring Cherry White's live energy onto tape! As the inspiration behind "Staring At The Sun" was the city in which Cherry White live and perform this buzz-worthy recording could be seen as a more than suitable soundtrack to London's vibrant nightlife! And seeing as "Staring At The Sun" was just issued some nine days ago this six-track EP is still hot to the touch! In fact it's hot of the presses and more than a little anxious to find it's way into the hands of indie blues-rock fans!!(Properly) self-identified as a band that "Folds the old school songwriting smarts of Fleetwood Mac into the contemporary edge of the Raconteurs'' and featuring four musicians that are at the top of their class, Cherry White is a adult contemporary act that has somehow managed to stumble upon the fountain of youth! Carefully-crafted with indie rock fans in mind, "Staring At The Sun" is intelligent blues-rock with an alternative mindset and a warm and inviting personality.  The music here is rich and deeply rooted in the culture that surrounds it's band-members. And in the end it is as classy and charming as the four Londoners that perfected it. If you are into creative blues-rock or you consider yourself a fan of indie rock then be sure to try this album on for size.

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