Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sweet Creature-The Devil Knows My Name

Dïet Records

Self-described by it's front-man as "old school hard rock with gloomy lyrics and melodies", Sweet Creature is a brand new hard & heavy quartet that hails from the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) and is made up of musicians from Crashdïet, ToxicRose, This Ending, and Gemini Five. The full-length "The Devil Knows My Name" is this band's (self-produced) debut offering and it is the end result of a side-project that was first dreamed up back in 2014. Founded and lead by vocalist/guitarist Martin Sweet (Crashdïet), Sweden's Sweet Creature seemingly exists in a upside down version of our world where Guns N' Roses, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., and Enuff Z'Nuff were Jane's Addiction's primary sources of  influence as they headed into the studio to record "Nothing's Shocking". It's a "crazy" world where the classic hard rock scene of the eighties was more substance than fluff and all the best bands were more concerned about the quality of their music than they were the size of their artificial hair. And finally it is a world where the band Sweet Creature has become a household name. Thankfully that version of reality slipped up BIG TIME and allowed the group to not only escape unharmed, but with "The Devil Knows My Name" in it's possession! Otherwise how do you explain away an album that is as good as this one is? Seriously though, Sweet Creature's first album, "The Devil Knows My Name", is a real gem. In addition to the reflective "Purpose In Life" (my absolute favorite moment on Sweet Creature's debut!) and the album's melancholy title track, "The Devil Knows My Name" features such standout numbers as "Time To Move On", "Away From You", "Our Moment", and "Perfect Day". From the opening moments of "Not Like Others" the lucky listener is treated to a full album's worth of expertly prepared hard rock numbers that are highly-memorable and custom-built for repeated spins. 
As good as "The Devil Knows My Name" is it was difficult at time to believe that Sweet Creature is such a relativity new band. Therefore credit must go to all of the veterans involved with this project. Let's start with this band's driving force and move back from there. While primarily known for his stellar guitar work in sleazy/glam rockers Crashdïet, front-man Martin Sweet excels in his new roll as lead singer for Sweet Creature. So much so it ultimately makes you ask the question whether or not that is where he rightfully belongs! Lord knows this Crashdïet shredder sounds like a natural born front-man on "The Devil Knows My Name", but Martin Sweet isn't the only voice you'll hear on Sweet Creatures' studio debut! Putting in his share of overtime, second guitarist Linus Nirbrant (This Ending, A Canorous Quintet ) not only helped produce this steady-rocking affair, but he also took a turn on the mic!! That means he pulled double duty and helped bring Martin Sweet's dream to life. With Martin's brother Michael TxR (ToxicRose) on drums and Tin Star (Gemini Five) on bass this album is that dream in all it's brilliant colors! Hopefully it is also just the first of what will be many Sweet Creature recordings to come....

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