Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Interview with Love N War

Based in Texas, Love N War is a high-octane hard & heavy band with one full-length album to it's name at the time of this interview. A four-piece band whose melodic style recalls the glory days of hard rock, Love N War is all at once modern and classic and with a new album in the works this Texas band has nowhere to go but up! Just recently I was able to do a short interview with this rock-infused band and towards that end I would like to thank the members of Love N War for taking time out of their busy schedule to chat with us. Enjoy!

Andy-Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. If possible would you mind introducing the members of your band and tell our readers what Love N War is all about?

Love N War-Love and War is John Adams – Lead Guitar / Jeff Vandenberghe – Lead Vocals / Ray Soliz – Bass Guitar / Donny Bragg – Drums. We are an all original Melodic/Hard Rock Band, with emphasis on energetic Live Shows

Andy-Your style of hard rock has really come into it's own as of late. What do you attest that too? Is it a sense of nostalgia or are today's kids rediscovering this classic sound and then giving it new life?

Love N War-I think today's kids have rediscovered the CLASSIC sound that we all grew up on, they are getting exposed to GREAT guitar solo’s and individual players who have mastered their instruments, it has inspired a resurgence of these players to get their bands back together and Tour again, THANK GOD!!!

Andy-Amen to that! So, you guys hail from the great state of Texas and while I know there have been some great bands to come from there (Helstar, King's X, D.R.I., Dead Horse and Pantera to name just a few!) I don't know what the scene is like there now. How are things these days in the lone star state?

Love N War-The scene is good! There are a lot of great Texas bands that have been around and that are coming out! I expect great things in the future to come from Texas!

Andy-That's great to hear! Now, "Up the Annie" came out quite a few years ago. Was there a reason for the long delay between your debut and your upcoming new album?

Love N War-We recorded the CD and lost our bass player, after finding Ray we wanted to expose the band regionally build up some hype and then release the CD, also ran into a financial snag with printing! After printing we just sat on it for a bit till we were able to find the right promotion to get exposure, the 2nd CD will be released immediately.

Andy-What can fans expect from your 2nd album and when can fans expect it to drop?

Love N War-Expect a high energy Ball Crushing CD, another Melodic Metal one like "Annie" CD to be released this early Fall 2016, check our Facebook page "Love and War" (Texas) for updates, pictures and Video postings of our progress!!

Andy-Have some of the songs been road tested and fan approved?

Love N War-Yes they have, and we are excited about the response!!

Andy- Excellent! Speaking of live material (or if you will playing out loud) who are some of the bands that you've shared the stage with?

Love N War-UFO (3 times) - Queensryche (2 times) - MSG (Michael Schenker Group 3 times) – KROKUS – NIGHT RANGER – Y&T – LOUDNESS (2 times) – Sebastian Bach – WINGER – TOM KEIFER – DANGEROUS TOYZ – BLACK STAR RIDERS – ACE FREHELY

Andy-Wow, that's some list there! Where can our readers find out more about your band?

Love N War-Right now go to our Facebook Page, also find us on "Reverbnation".

Andy-I always let bands have the last say. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Love N War-We are proud to be part of this Metal scene and look forward to hearing from you, message us on Facebook, get yourself a CD! Keep your head up high, Keep the Faith, and LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL !!!

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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Heavy Metal Time Machine is using it's vacation time....

To our faithful readers-

   Due to some scheduling conflicts HMTM needs to take a short break. We should be back within a week or two, but it could end up being even longer. It all depends upon how busy things get and whether or not we can get other people to play taxi for us! Either way we are sorry for the short notice and please know how much we appreciate each and everyone of you!

The Staff