Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Singles: Wishing Well-"Children Of Paradise"

Inverse Records

The brainchild of guitarist/primary songwriter Anssi Korkiakoski, Wishing Well is a hard rock band from Helsinki, Finland that is currently fronted by Rafael Castillo. The recently-released single, "Children Of Paradise", comes from the group's upcoming album, "Rat Race". Due to drop on in early March, Wishing Well's new album sounds as if it will be something special. I am basing that assumption on not only the strength of this particular single, but the promo worksheet that accompanied it. While there are really no guarantees in life, I am hoping to review that album in the next week or so. In the meantime, "Children Of Paradise" is the object of focus and it serves as my first introduction to this hard & heavy rock band from Finland. Among many other nice considerations, the well-crafted number features a children's choir and a vintage vibe. It is a smooth track that makes you think fondly about the hard rock music of yesterday. In a world of artificial and fluffed-up hard & heavy (you know the kind of groups that I am talking about) I'll take this style of hard rock any day of the week! Along with the aforementioned promo sheet, "Children Of Paradise" gives me hope that "Rat Race" will light a spark under the tired old scene. Be sure to keep your eyes out for my review of "Rat Race" to see if that ends up being the truth.  

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Saturday Singles: Voltang - "Garbage People" (Official Music Video)

Voltang is a (hardcore & punk-infused) hard & heavy rock/raw heavy metal band from Hamilton, Ontario. Earlier this month the group put out the official music video for "Garbage People". That in and of itself isn't all that weird.I mean bands put out music videos all of the time. The only thing that is strange about  "Garbage People" is that it is from the band's 2016 album, "Bad Sounds". Loud and proud (and quite a bit like a sharp stick to the eardrums!), the video for "Garbage People" is two or so years late to the party. Even so, Voltang drops a hammer to the top of your head with this maddening metal number. Like the album from which it came, "Garbage People" is mean and ugly. It's pumped up by anger & frustration and geared towards today's lost generation of punks, metalheads, and misfits of all shapes and colors. With a run-time of 4:22, Voltang's new video is better late than never...

"Garbage People" Official Music Video:

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Saturday Single: The Fierce And The Dead-"Truck"

Bad Elephant Music

Formed in early 2010, UK instrumental rock band The Fierce And The Dead is currently comprised of Matt Stevens (guitar, synth, loops), Steve Cleaton (guitar), Kevin Feazey (bass), and Stuart Marshall (drums). Available to download for free at the following site, "Truck" is the first single from the band's forthcoming album, "The Euphoric". At just over four minutes in length, "Truck" falls somewhere between progressive rock and (jam band) hard & heavy rock. It is somewhat catchy and has a great vibe going for it. Now, it might just be me, but the track "Truck" also reminded me of vintage video game soundtracks. I realize that is going to sound odd on paper. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'd love to hear other people's feelings on the matter. Either way, "Truck" is a fun listen that had me hitting the replay button several time over. I'm looking forward to what the group's next album has to offer.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Cult Of The Fox-By The Styx

Pure Steel Records

Formed in early 2007 (and previously known as Cross Bow from 2000 until 2007), Cult Of The Fox is a heavy metal band from Sweden that is fronted by Magnus Hultman (ex-Nexus). The forthcoming "By The Styx" is the third full-length album from this (vintage metal-leaning) traditional heavy metal band that just so happens to feature bass guitarist/well-traveled musician Peter Svensson (Assassin's Blade) within it's ranks. Guitarists Erika Wallberg (Void Moon) and Fredrik Theander round things out as far as the stringed instruments are concerned while drummer Daniler Fritze (ex-Nexus) bashes the hell out of his kit in grand fashion! That's the full studio line-up when it comes to this 11-track LP. Preceded in life by 2013's "Angelsbane", this well-produced album clocks in at nearly forty two minutes. That's forty two minutes of straight-ahead/no-nonsense heavy metal from a band that I am just now being introduced to. As far as first impressions go, Cult Of The Fox sells true heavy metal as well as the next guy...only quite a bit better. Having gone into this review blind (aka: I listened to the album before reading over the promo) I could have almost believed this to be a German heavy metal band, style & substance (as well as aggressive lead vox!) reminding me of the best parts of said scene! That is a compliment as far as I am concerned. For what it is worth, Cult Of The Fox should make the Swedish metal scene proud as this is some smashing steel that these five musicians have laid to tape! Slightly-rough and raw (again in all the best ways humanly possible!), "By The Styx" is tried and true heavy metal with an epic metal theme. Even if it isn't new ground that they are breaking, Cult Of The Fox is punchy and filled with determination on their new album. For fans of straight/no chaser heavy metal that is something to celebrate no matter the occasion!

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Old Mother Hell-Old Mother Hell

Cruz Del Sur Music

Formed in 2015 by two ex-members of the thrash metal outfit Hatchery (bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André), Old Mother Hell is a German metal band that is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Bernd Wener (Shapeshift, ex-Refuge, ex-Maladie). The self-titled "Old Mother Hell" serves as the debut EP for this three-piece band and it clocks in at just over thirty four minutes. With the passionate and powerful vocals of lead singer Bern Wener proving to be a real highlight (as in wow, that voice leaves a lump in your lump!), Old Mother Hell magnificently combines elements of epic heavy metal, doom metal, hard & heavy rock, and traditional heavy metal into a eye opening sound that is all their own. Recorded at Rama Studio Mannheim by producer/engineer Jens Siefert, this six-track EP has a vibe that is both modern and vintage. In a very remarkable way, "Old Mother Hell" also happens to feel both sorrowful and hopeful. In that regard, credit goes to both the group and Jens Siefert. Further props must go to Cruz Del Sur Music. They have caught lightning in a bottle with this signing! Thanks to this cool label, "Old Mother Hell" will be released on CD and LP. Obviously the highlighted link above will lead you to a digital version of this exceptional release, but I cannot help but feel as if this is a recording that you need to be able to physically hold. In closing, "Old Mother Hell" is simply a blast to listen to! Like the band that created it, the EP is strong and confident. At the end of the day this one gets a A+ rating!! Whatever you do, don't snooze on this power rock/metal trio. In no time at all this is going to be a very successful act.

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Infiltration-Nuclear Strike Warning


Infiltration is a (brutal) death metal band that hails from Saint Petersburg and is made up of musicians with ties to such groups as Chamber of Torture, Free at Last, and Hellbomb. Formed in the spring of 2017, this harsh & head crushing Russian band is influenced by classic death metal acts like Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, and Six Feet Under. This 5-track EP serves as Infiltration's debut and it was originally released back in October of 2017. Now making the rounds once again thanks to Wormholdeath, "Nuclear Strike Warning" is a must-have for fans of 80's and 90's death metal. Short and compact, old school-leaning death like this never really goes out of style. A full-length LP from this Russian group would be a think of beauty. Here's to hoping that it happens!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chevalier-Chapitre II


Chevalier is a Finnish heavy/speed metal band that is fronted by Emma Grönqvist. Active since 2016, the five-piece group is comprised of musicians with ties to Decaying, Demon's Gate, and Steel Machine. Like many other critics and fans before and after me, I fell hard for the group first release, "A Call to Arms". Released back in 2017, "A Call to Arms" was a nearly-flawless mimture of epic heavy metal and vintage speed. Early this month it was followed by a 7" split with fellow Finnish heavy metal band, Legionnaire. This twenty minute plus release is Chevalier's latest recording and it features the following tracks: "The Messenger", "Wrath Of Steel", and "The Curse Of The Dead Star". All three tracks run past the six minute mark and there is a guest appearance by Gentry Lord (a talented musician in his own right, Gentry Lord produced and mixed this three-track EP). Starting off with "The Messenger", "Chapitre II" is above all else LOUD! Maybe it is just the way in which it was mixed, but this EP sure seems as if it has been cranked all the way to the top!! Honestly a little mix would have been preferable, but in no way does it take away from the glorious nature of this female-fronted Finnish heavy/speed band. For a group that has only been active since 2016, Chevalier is already near the top of the heap when it comes to this style of hard & heavy speed! With a major label behind them (and a more proper production job), Chevalier would be huge!! It's more than a little surprising then that this group is still unsigned. Had I the funds, Emma Grönqvist and her companions would be in the studio as we speak. I would be throwing all my weight behind this skilled-band and then some. For now all that I can do is share this band with our readers and some PR contacts that I have. This is another promising metal band that is going to make some label look really smart when they pick them up. While we wait for that to happen (and I have no doubt that it will!) why don't you drop everything that you are doing and go snag this EP?  It's well worth the cost of admission...

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flat Blak-Down N' Dirty


Flat Blak is a (blues-infused) hard rock/rock and roll band from Las Cruces, New Mexico. According to the band's Facebook page (link) the group is comprised of Travis Manning (guitar & vocals), Les Skaggs (bass), and Rob Allen (drums & vocals). The 13-track "Down N' Dirty" looks to be Flat Blak's first full-length album and it still hot to the touch(!), seeing as it was just released today!! It was suggested to me by a old high-school friend that just loves all things rock and hard & heavy (thank you dear). Speaking of things that lots of people just love, Flat Blak seems to be driven by the thought of beer, boobs, and BBQ! Or at least that is the posted biography of this heavy/power rock trio. As for my thoughts on "Down N' Dirty"? While I would be the first to admit that this kind of (blues-infused) rock isn't really my thing, Flat Blak and bands just like them are extremely fun to see live and in living color. I would be willing to bet some serious money that this promising band puts on one hell of a live show. With that being said, "Down N' Dirty" is surprising tame. Where is the passion and fire? Honestly the sound is spot on/right there, but this album makes it seem as if Flat Blak were kept in check. For a hard & heavy/blues rock band with "good times" written all over it, "Down N' Dirty" makes the case that here was a band that was hardly excited at all to be laying down music to tape. You could say that I'm being hard on this band because I'm not really into their style, but the truth is I appreciate good music no matter how it is presented. As someone who has seen everyone from Bonnie Rait & Elton John to Slayer and Morbid Angel live, music is meant to move you. I could easily see Flat Blak moving me up out of my seat. It's just too bad that I would have to be at one of their shows to see that happen. Here's to hoping that this band gets it right on round two. Either that or next time around just release a live album.

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Owl Maker-Paths Of The Slain


Owl Maker is a (doom-laden) hard & heavy/stoner rock rock band from Connecticut that is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Simon Tuozzoli (Vestal Claret). Formed in late 2016 by bassist Jessie May and drummer Chris Anderson, Owl Maker will release this 6-track EP on March 16th, 2018. Opening by way of the excellent "Ride With Aileen"*, the versatile " Paths Of The Slain" serves as the studio debut for this captivating trio. It is filled with extremely catchy material and a handful of songs that (blissfully) split the difference between riff-heavy hard rock and (dive bar-worthy) heavy metal. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip), Owl Maker's debut EP showcases a up-and-coming metal band that is all set to chop down the competition, riff by amazing riff! The stunning string-work of Simon Tuozzoi is a thing of beauty. Matched only by Simon's stellar vocal delivery, Owl Maker's choice of a front-man is a stone cold duel threat as both a singer and musician. When combined with the (simply-gorgeous) bass work of Jessie May, Simon is an unstoppable force that is hungry for greatness. With drummer Chris Anderson keeping everyone in check (even as his bangs away on his kit in fine fashion!), Owl Maker has the potential to be your next favorite (doomed & slightly-stoned) hard & heavy rock and roll band. Easy on the ears and twice as good for your heart and soul, this release gets a A rating!

*"Ride With Aileen" is a song about serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Hammr-Unholy Destruction

Hells Headbangers Records

Formed in 2013 and originally known as Schizoid Hammer up until 2015, Cleveland, Ohio's Hammr (sic) is a one-man black/speed/punk metal band that has one EP, one demo, and this full-length album to it's name. J. Hammer (Devils, Outline, ex-Demona) is the main-man behind the magic mirror and band's such as Venom, Celtic Frost, Iron Angel, (early) Slayer, Discharge, (early) Bathory, and Sodom serve as the inspiration. Lead solos come courtesy of Midnight's Commander Vanik (who also mixed the album) and the album was mastered by none other than Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust)! Self-dubbed "satanic speed", Hammr is (blood-dripping) raw black metal/underground speed that has been spiked with the last dying breath of dive-bar punk. Naturally, that makes "Unholy Destruction" a must-have recording...especially if you are a fan of the aforementioned Midnight!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Greystone Canyon-While The Wheels Still Turn

Rockshots Records

Australia's hard & heavy/classic metal band Greystone Canyon will release the Western-themed "While The Wheels Still Turn" on March, 9th, 2018. Starting things off with the (ever so brief, but nonetheless enjoyable) intro "Keeping Company With The Dead", the nine-track "While The Wheels Still Turn" serves as the debut album for Greystone Canyon...even if it feels more like an expanded-EP. It clocks in at just over 33 minutes and features three numbers that fall under the two minute mark. Influences included Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, (early) Ozzy Osbourne, King Diamond, and Megadeth. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Darren Cherry, Greystone Canyon might be a new act on paper, but it is actually comprised of veteran musicians with ties to countless other Australian metal bands.  Such proof can be found on the Metal Archives. Said musicians include: Rich Vella (guitars), Dave Poulter (bass), and drummer Luke Wilson. With four well-seasoned musicians in charge of it's construction, "While The Wheels Still Turn" features a Western style of heavy metal that is easy on the ears and quite capable of invoking positive memories of the classic hard rock & heavy metal scene of the late seventies and early to mid eighties. May God and the members of Greystone Canyon forgive me for the following words, but in all the best ways possible (including sincere love and appreciation for something completely new to these ears of mine!), "While The Whiles Still Turn" comes across as Megadeth (or a more traditional metal version of Dave's band) mixed with the Western music of Jon Bon Jovi! I fully expect to be crucified for such a comment, but in this case that is a compliment to talent of Greystone Canyon. To that end, "While The Wheels Still Turns" features some material that carries the same vibe as heard on Metallica's cover of "Whiskey in a Jar" and "Turn the Page". There again it might sound like a odd comment, but it is meant as praise to the album's atmosphere. In closing, Greystone Canyon's debut is a solid listening experience that should appeal to both fans of Western rock/heavy metal and classic hard rock/heavy metal.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mortalus-Heart So Black


Mortalus is a heavy/thrash metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas that is lead by vocalist/guitarist Michelle Gann. Influences range from Judas Priest & Iron Maiden to bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Overkill, Testament, Anthrax, and Death Angel. On the band's full-length debut, the aptly-titled titled "Heart So Black", it's groups like Crowbar and Pantera that bridge the gap between those different metal genres. Not surprisingly, the Arkansas-based group has hit on a sound that is bad ass to the core! With a run-time of just over 45 minutes, "Heart So Black" is chock full of heavy riffs and skull crushing leads. All at once hard-hitting and heavier than hell's bells, Mortalus' first full-length album is a monster recording that has mean motherf**ker written all over it!! It would be well-worth the price of admission for the music alone. What's really cool about the album though is how it mixes this sick music with well-thought out lyrics. With themes that cover everything from the politics of the music business to my favorite topic, zombies(!), "Heart So Black" is a heavy metal thrasher that actually makes you think about the subjects at hand. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I cannot remember the last time that I really thought about subjects like the sacrifice of soldiers while I was making a mosh pit out of my living room! As such, I've got to give mad props to the members of Mortalus for covering the hard stuff, some of which was obviously very personal to the band. It couldn't have been easy opening up so much on your first album, but it most certainly made the album that much more real and vibrant. Having formed in 2014, Mortalus (guitarist/lead vocalist Michelle Gann, guitarist/backing vocalist Donald Holland, bassist/backing vocalist Bryan Bedgood, and drummer Patrick Mahoney) suffered multiple medical issues and personal hardships in the pursuit of their debut album. In a very real way you can feel the pain and heartache that went into the making of this album. Maybe that is the reason this album works so well? Whatever the case might be, "Heart So Black" is the sound of one band that struck it rich in style and substance the first time out. Here's to the hope that this is just one of many good things to come from this exciting new metal band! For more information on this buzz-worthy band be sure to check out the group's Facebook page.

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Interview with Emerald Rage's Jacob Wherley

Emerald Rage is a heavy/power metal band from Akron, Ohio. Not that long ago I covered the band's latest single, "Wrathful Eyes". You can check out my review of the song by heading here. Now it is my pleasure to present this interview that I recently conducted with band member Jacob Wherley (vocals/guitars). Enjoy!

Andy- Could you please introduce your band and give us a brief history of how you came together.

Jacob- Emerald Rage actually started out as a strictly viking/folk metal band around summer of 2016. You know your bands like Tyr, Ensiferum, and Bathory. We had almost a complete lineup as we were missing another guitarist. I figured I might as well put out an ad online thinking I'd get nothing due to the lack of attention those bands get here in the United States. Patrick responded to it sending material he had made already and I was just astonished that someone else in the area actually listened to that stuff. Tyson and Josh were not in the band yet either. Patrick knew Josh from some classes the two both took at Kent State and he soon fit in perfectly. I met Tyson through a website for finding band members. He initially joined on bass before Josh came into Emerald Rage, but with complications with our former drummer, we found he had a great talent behind the kit and was enthusiastic to play drums. We finally stabilized our current lineup around October of 2017 and have been making lots of progress since.

Andy-What made you decide to call your band Emerald Rage?

Jacob-My dad actually played in a band called Emerald Rage in college. It was a cover band that only played two shows for fun and a little beer money haha. I tried coming up with names although I didn't have much luck. I thought the name gave a good representation of us as if you were to say 'Emerald Rage' you could either envision a power metal band from Germany, a traditional metal band from England, or a classic foot-stomping heavy rock band like Thin Lizzy. Of course, all these types of sounds are huge inspirations you hear and will hear in material to come.

Andy-Your sound pulls from a few different genres of metal. Is that the result of individual tastes or just one person's vision?

Jacob-It's a collective sound. We have plenty of different styles from hard rock to black metal and everything in between. What's great about our band members is that we all have a common ground, and also our own tastes that we contribute. For instance, our bassist Josh is a HUGE punk rock fan, I myself am the reason for the power metal sound, Tyson, for the thrash, and Patrick for the black/folk metal style. On top of that, we each have a large variety of sounds we share like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc. it's just a great combination because we always have more ideas. In fact, the next demo you'll be hearing soon draws more influences from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and UFO.

Andy-As a follow-up to the previous question, what are some of your influences?

Jacob-If you had to narrow it down to five bands, I'd say Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, and Helloween. You of course hear the classic metal sound of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Saxon there. But there's tons of scenes over the years that grabbed our attention. Aside from the NWOBHM and Bay Area scene that's a common feature in many American metal bands, we have a huge inspiration from the German speed metal scene with bands such as Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Sodom, and as I mentioned earlier, Helloween. The Swedish melodic metal scene has also played a crucial role in our sound as well. HammerFall, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, just to name a few have been of influence at some point.

Andy-Who is responsible for writing song lyrics?

Jacob-Our guitarist Patrick is usually the one who creates the lyrics. Every now and then I contribute a few lines.

Andy-You mentioned another demo. What can your fans expect from it?

Jacob-Well our envision as a band has always been to expect anything from Led Zeppelin to Slayer. This will be a bit more on the bluesy side of Emerald Rage. Our fans should anticipate a bit of a reference to Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and Motorhead, with a kick of melody.

Andy- In the past few months Emerald Rage has released two singles and a demo. That is an impressive body of work for such a short stretch. Do you guys have easy access to a studio?

Jacob-Our guitarist Patrick has a quite impressive rig when it comes to his recording equipment. We've actually never been to a professional studio as a band and we use his equipment to record all of our work. He has access to quite a bit which gives a really solid sound!

Andy-Who are some of the bands that you’ve shared the stage with?

Jacob-Aeraco, hard rock/heavy metal band out of Chicago. Definitely one of our favorites so far. Great group of guys and amazing tunes! Radiatrix is another one, M102, Half Raised Heathens, and Stone Wicked Souls.

Andy-Prior to our conversation here we talked about you performing covers and then how you planned to play all original material moving forward. What are some of the bands that you’ve covered and then how many original songs have you guys written so far?

Jacob-We have covered Metallica, Judas Priest, Sabaton, and surprisingly to most, The Misfits! We have around 20-25 originals written but not fully complete. As of now, we can perform around 5 to 6 originals and that number will likely move up in the up and coming weeks.

Andy-You have some local shows booked for the next couple of months. Care to share that information with our readers?

Jacob-Absolutely. We have a show March 17th, in Akron, Ohio at the Empire Concert Club. April 14th at Bullshooters in Ashland, Ohio. April 17th at the Outpost in Kent, Ohio, and a Cleveland show on May 26th is likely but I cannot say for sure as of now.

Andy- How can our readers reach you?

Jacob-We are on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and we also have an email at Fans and readers can reach out any time they'd like!

Andy-Excellent! I just want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. As we close things out is there anything that we didn't talk about that you would like to mention? Any final thoughts or comments? The microphone is all yours...

Jacob-Thank you for asking us for the interview! As for closing out, I hope your readers take time to listen to our music and even better come out to see us live! We always love to put on a great show... If you're looking for your next talented big name band, I hope you see it in us!

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Fringe Candidate-Fringe Candidate


Fringe Candidate is a hardcore punk band from Akron, Ohio. The group is fronted by Karl Vorndran and this self-titled release looks to be the band's studio debut. It came out in late December of 2017. Recorded by the band's own bassist (Jamie Stillman) at Historic EarthQuaker Devices, "Fringe Candidate" is a vicious collection of (street-legit) hardcore punk with great song titles like "The Boy Who Cried Hitler", "Buy Your Way To The Top", and "At Each Other's Throats". Joe Dennis (guitar) and Josh Leskanic (drums) round things out for this loud & lethal (and decidedly snotty like all great punk acts) group that is like a caged animal just waiting to attack it's prey!At a mere five dollars, Fringe Candidate's self-titled album is a must-have for fans of down & dirty/bloody-knuckle hardcore punk!!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Aerodyne-Breaking Free

Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group

Aerodyne is a hard & heavy/sleaze rock/glam metal band from Sweden that was formed in the summer of 2016. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Daniel Almqvist, Aerodyne is primarily influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, Kiss, Cinderella, Whitesnake,  and Led Zeppelin. Other influences include Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, but based on the sound of their first full-length album, "Breaking Free", those two classic bands take a back seat to all things easy & sleazy! Johan Bergman (lead guitar), Timmy Kan (bass), and Christoffer Almqvist (drums) round out the line-up for this enthusiastic Swedish outfit that should appeal to fans of Crashdïet. Released in mid-December of 2017, "Breaking Free" is a grade A release from this young rock band that has more than enough attitude to match their undeniable charm. With catchy material and stand out performances from everyone involved with it's creation, Aerodyne's full-length debut leaves me with the impression that there is nowhere to go for this fantastic foursome other than up! You can find "Breaking Free" at places like Amazon, iTunes, and CDbaby.

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Free Metal Monday: Räzerhex-Räzerhex


Sporting one of the coolest names out there(!), Räzerhex is a rock/metal trio that hails from Gothenburg, Sweden and is lead by guitarist/vocalist Rallylalla. Bassist T-hex and drummer Sigbang round out the line-up for this (damn cool!) band that really knows a thing or two about rocking the hell out of a joint! This self-titled EP appears to be the group's official debut and what a debut it is!! It is a five-track recording that combines elements of garage rock, punk, 70's hard rock, and 70's/early 80's heavy metal. Filled with passion, fire, and a healthy amount of spunk, this highly-recommended EP can be downloaded for free by clicking here. That's a steal of a deal for a feisty and tough as nails release like this!

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Free Metal Monday: Iron Blood-At an Impasse

Brutal Future

Iron Blood is a black metal/punk hardcore band from Canada. Back on January 6th the group released this four-track demo. It is a rather raw recording that mixes primitive black metal with the kind of punk rock that you'd find in the pages of Maximum Rocknroll. Available to download for free by heading here, "At an Impasse" was also released on cassette tape.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Playlist

It's been awhile since I posted a weekly playlist, but I am going to try to be better about it. As always please feel free to share your lists with us.

Here is a list of what I have been listening to over the last week:

Mercyful Fate-Melisa
Desolation Angels-Desolation Angels
Kiss-Creatures of the Night
Mercyful Fate-Don’t Break The Oath
Saxon-Thunderbolt (review coming next week)
Corrosion of Conformity-Technocracy
Nitro-Lethal Dose

Watch list:

Hannibal-Season One
The Shape of Water
Shawn of the Dead

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Sunday Morning Single: Emerald Rage-Wrathful Eyes


Emerald Rage is hard & heavy/power metal band from Akron, Ohio that is comprised of Jacob Wherley (lead vocals/lead guitars), Patrick Kern (lead guitar/harsh vocals), Josh Sumerauer (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Tyson McCauley (drums). Released on February 2nd, the four minute plus "Wrathful Eyes" is Emerald Rage's latest single and the third overall release for this young metal band since December 18th, 2017. The sword & sorcery-themed number is highly-enjoyable and it offers hope that we could be looking at Ohio's next big thing in the realm of epic metal! Free to download at the link above, "Wrathful Eyes" is geared towards fans of traditional heavy metal, U.S. power metal and epic metal. Our readers would be well-advised to keep an eye out for this up-and-coming metal band.

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Friday, February 09, 2018

Significant Point-Attacker 7" EP

Infernö Records

Formed in early 2011 by guitarists Kazuki Kuwagaki and Gou Takeuchi (ex-Chainsoul Blood), Japanese heavy metal/speed metal band Significant Point will release it's first 7" EP, "Attacker", on March 15th. It is a two-track recording ("Attacker" and "Danger Zone") that effectively combines elements of traditional heavy metal, shred guitar, N.W.O.B.H.M. (Judas Priest and Iron Maiden influences), and 80's speed metal into a style that is highly-contagious! Preceded in life by a 2014 demo ("Attacker!") and last year's "Live In Tokyo" album, "Attacker" features the services of drummer Itormentor (Evil, Lurking Fear) while lead vocals come courtesy of Fumiya Abe. With truly sick twin guitar solos, smashing drumming, and some awesome (if also semi-aggressive!) lead vocals, Significant Point has all of the tools necessary to be the next big thing in N.W.O.T.H.M. Let's just hope that this slick single leads to a full-length album.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

N.W.O.B.H.M. Wednesday: Desolation Angels-King

Dissonance Productions

Desolation Angels is a N.W.O.B.H.M./power metal band that was initially active from 1981 until 1994. During that time frame the group put out four demos, one single, one EP, and two full-length albums. Released in 1986, it was band's self-titled debut that would make Desolation Angels cult heroes of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement! In preparation for this review I listened to "Desolation Angels" again. While it had been a longtime since I pulled the CD out, "Desolation Angels" still had that old metal magic that had cast a spell on me so many years ago. Here we are some 32 years and I had to wonder whether or not this U.K. metal band still had that special spark. Having re-formed in 2012, modern day Desolation Angels were a bit of a mysterious to me. I know the band released a EP in 2014 entitled "Sweeter the Meat", but beyond that I had no idea of what I was in for when it came to "King". Before playing the album I did see that the band is now fronted by Paul Taylor (Midnight Messiah, ex-Elixir, ex-Midas). In actuality the only original members left of this British metal band are the guitarists, Keith Sharp and Robin Brancher. Otherwise we have bassist Clive Pearson (ex-B-Side, ex-First Hand, ex-Lip service, ex-Lynx, ex-Pink Metal Kitchen, ex-The Mochines, ex-Thee Unknowns, and ex-Winter (London, UK)) and drummer Chris Takka (Gallow God, ex-De Marica). That was the line-up that I saw before diving straight into this new album. Hitting play, "Doomsday" opened this album and right away, I knew that it was a case of love at first sight sound!  I look back on this group now (with "King" once again blaring away in the background!) and I realize that this was the perfect crew to cut a killer LP like this! All five of these musicians are hotter than hell on this 9-track release, lead vocalist Paul Taylor giving a performance that is straight out the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene of yesterday! Stacked to the max with lethal numbers like "Another Turn of the Screw" and "Rotten to the Core", "King" is also a tale of two ageless guitarist in Keith Sharp and Robin Brancher. Early on in "King" it was abundantly clear that Desolation Angel's classic metal sound not only alive and well, but all set up to kick ass and take no shit! Songs like "Devil Sent", "Your Blackened Heart", and "Hellfire" offer further proof that Desolation Angels are back and that they are armed to the teeth for the upcoming metal attack. Mixing their classic sound with crunchy hard rock and straight-up power metal, "King" features strong material than is sure to please old and new metalheads alike. For those looking for something besides beefed up hard & heavy metal, "Find Your Life" is a slow burner with both power and passion. At six minutes and thirty seconds it takes a few emotional twists and turns, but ultimately it is a rewarding ride. Then there is the song "Sky of Pain". Falling somewhere between classic heavy metal and melodic power metal, "Sky of Pain" is a majestic number that has the heart of a AOR number and the soul of radio rocker. Sitting right next to the album's closer, "My Demon Inside", "Sky of Pain" is a song that hooks you in with it's message and then keeps you there with it's sound. The same thing can be said of the moody rocker "My Demon Inside". Here in the closing moments of "King" the members of Desolation Angles show us that there is more to the picture than just heart-stopping metal blazers. The songs "Find Your Life", "Sky of Pain", and "My Demon Inside" show off a different side of Desolation Angels, but they are just as slick as "Another Turn of the Screw", "Rotten to the Core", and "Hellfire". In closing, "King" would be worth it just for the amazing metallic moments and/or the well-written softer moments. With all of this versatility, "King" becomes a must-have for not only fans of Desolation Angels and N.W.O.B.H.M., but anyway that likes energetic, guitar-driven heavy/power metal. To the members of Desolation Angels I say "Welcome back" and "Congregations" for what I consider to to be the comeback album of 2018!

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Monday, February 05, 2018

Stälker-Shadow of the Sword

Napalm Records

Stälker is a (raw) speed metal band from New Zealand that is lead by bassist/vocalist Daif king (Blood Knight) and features two former members of Razorwyre within it's ranks: guitarist Chris Calavrias and drummer Nick Oates (Numbskull). The 10-track "Shadow of the Sword" serves as Stälker's full-length debut. It was released back in November of 2017 and has a run-time of over 38 minutes. In addition to nine original compositions (most of which completely shred!), "Shadow of the Sword" includes a sick cover of Death's "Evil Dead". Primarily influenced by the eighties speed metal scene (think early Slayer crossed with early Exciter!), this New Zealand trio is not for the fate of heart or anyone who might be looking for clean, crisp, and crystal-clear metal. Instead this is rough & raw speed metal that leaves no prisoners and offers no apologies for the damage that it has done! In a very cool way, Stälker brought back fond memories of the underground speed/thrash scene of the late eighties as well as the tape-trading days of old. For those of you who might not be old enough to remember such things, fear not! This album might be geared towards fans of retro speed metal, but it has more than enough muscle to wreck the competition!!

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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Overhung-Moving Ahead

Test Your Metal Records

Overhung is a hard & heavy rock band from Mumbai, India that is fronted by Sujit Kumar. Formed back in April of 2010 and (lyrically-speaking) obsessed with sex, rock n' roll, and good times, Overhung lists the following bands as their primary source of inspiration: Poison, AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. In addition to lead singer Sujit Kumar, Overhung includes Howard Pereira (guitars), Crosby Fernandes (bass), and Sheldon Dixon (drums). Originally released in 2016 as a independent recording, the 10-track "Moving Ahead" is the full-length debut album from Overhung. It is a self-produced affair that also owes a debt of gratitude or two to the likes of Kiss, Whitesnake, Ratt, and Extreme. Thanks to the good folks over at Test Your Metal Records the album is being re-released. That should really help the group out as far as exposure goes. Opening up with the catchy number "Sex Machine", Overhung's debut album is a good first effort and should appeal to fans of Poison, Kiss, AC/DC, and Guns N' Roses.

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Forgotten Gems: Rubber Whips-Die Suckers


For those of you who might be new to Heavy Metal Time Machine, Forgotten Gems is normally a place where we cover heavy metal albums that slipped by us unnoticed and/or recordings that we think deserve more praise than they originally got. Today's band easily falls into both of those categories. Falling somewhere in-between raw heavy metal and late eighties/early nineties crossover, "Die suckers" is a wicked five-track demo from Rubber Whips that I won on Ebay. Packed with muscle and a fair share of metal madness, "Die Suckers" absolutely slays everything in it's sight! Not for a minute do I regret shelling out my hard-earned cash for this tape. The only thing that bothers me is the mysterious nature of this group. Other than the fact that it came in a larger collection of tapes that he picked up from Europe, the seller had no information at all about the demo. Looking online has been no help. The only thing that you will find is a picture/mention of the cassette tape on Ebay. Seeing as that listing is the one that landed in my lap, Rubber Whips remains one big mystery! I don't know the band's line-up, where they were from, or even the year when this came out! Talk about frustrating!! Seeing as I have hit a dead end, dear readers/fellow metalheads I need your help. I am looking for any information that I can find about this band and/or this cassette tape. Thank you all in advance...

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