Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Singles: Nightland-"Astralize"

Rockshots Records

Formed in 2007 and featuring lead vocals courtesy of guitarist Ludovico Cioffi (The Modern Age Slavery), Italy's Nightland started out in life playing a mixture of folk metal/death/ and power metal. On their latest single, "Astralize", which was released in early November of 2017 and runs slightly over four minutes, the name of the game is symphonic death metal with lots of screaming and the obligatory growls.  Only released as a digital download, "Astralize" is nothing if not completely vicious! The track serves as my first introduction to this Italy outfit that is also comprised of Filippo Scrima (guitar), Brendan Paolini (bass), and drummer Filippo Cicoria (ex-Suffer In Silence). Having played it a couple times through, Nightland's new single does have it's appeal, even if it might not be geared towards every one's taste. Recommend to fans of symphonic death metal  with a bit of a deadly bite.

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