Sunday, September 02, 2012

Razorwyre-Another dimension



Back in late 2010 New Zealand's Razorwyre relased their "Coming out" EP. It was a likable enough cross between NWOBHM and early thrash but suffered from some production problems. When I reviewed that EP I was curious to see what they could do on a full length album. Well that time is now as Razorwyre have unleashed a full length album called "Another dimension". I am pleased to say that not only is the production much improved but an even more important change is that overall intensity level of the band has gone up quite a bit. While their EP was a likable enough effort they really have it all together on "Another dimension". The style is about the same as they draw upon NWOBHM artists like  Saxon, early Maiden plus early thrash acts like Exciter, Agent Steel and early Anthrax as well as other classic style metal acts between say 1981 and 1985. I heard most of that on their EP, but they step it up this time around. Tracks like "Desert inferno", "Speed Warrior" and "Hangman's noose" show power and proficiency that they only hinted at on their EP.  Young bands that follow the styles of 80's metal acts are commonplace today, but Razorwyre set themselves as one of the strongest of that group by showing an attention to detail and a desire to create memorable metal. Glad to see that this band has progressed since their last album and here's hoping they keep heading in the right direction because they are certainly onto something.

Labor day reviewathon count-7 down 3 to go 
Time left- one day, eight hours and around twenty minutes
*I need to review ten albums by the end of Labor Day or I have to listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie. (I need to knock out one more review today to stay on track.)

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