Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day weekend reviewathon and the bet

I have sucked at reviewing this week. Just have not had time. However I will make up for it by attempting to do ten reviews between today and Monday. That's right ten in four days and here are the artists I will review: Ufomammut, Doro (2), Loverboy, Razorwyre, Gouge, Xibabla, Rabbits, Vision Divine, Eclipse and Muknal. Now two of these are singles however I will do two Doro CDs as one review and the Ufomammut is long and involved that it will be as challenging as reviewing two discs so it will all even out. So what if I don't get all ten done by the end of Labor Day? Well, then on my honor I will sit down and listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie from start to finish with no pauses, bathroom breaks just straight ahead torture. Let the games begin.

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