Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obsessor-Mental Hell


Oh, look it's another seven inch from one man band Obsessor. My scorecard says that's four seven inch releases from this act since the start of 2011. I'm still hoping for a full length or even an EP, but I'm not holding my breath on that as it looks like this two songs at a time is what we'll always get from Obsessor. What really matters is quality and that has never been an issue here and the new release is no different on that count. The title track starts out almost like a straight up 80's metal track for a few seconds before getting into the 80's hardcore with metal touches that this act excels at. The production is clearer than normal, but that doesn't at all diminish the heavy edges that surround this tight-fisted angry attack. Track two "Evil supremacy" clocks in at just over three minutes which might make it be Obsessor's verision of an epic since none of their other songs on their singles have crosses past the three minute mark. Seriously, this song creeps at first before exploding into a Discharge/The Exploited/Broken Bones inspired track that will beat your sense bloody and you begging for more. Unfortunately there isn't any more since this is a single. The only downside to the band (as a I say with every one of their releases) is that just a s I get into the music it's all over. Oh, well I'll take what I can get from Obsessor. The style is what they have always been doing, but these two tracks are even tighter and there is definitely more of a push to squeeze in even more tempo changes. Another great single from this outfit.

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