Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ghoul-Kids in America (single)



I have not gotten to write much this week because of so much else going on. The best way to get back into writing reviews for me is to tackle a single. Hey look here's one from those wackos in Ghoul. Actually I always look forward to getting a chance to review release from Tankcrimes since they specialize in old style hardcore and thrash acts. So this time we get  Creepsylvania's natives covering Kim Wilde's "Kids in America". At first this might seem like an odd selection but they put their own spin on it and have fun with it as they growl and tear into it. I never pictured this song as being able to hit like a meat grinder, but Ghoul make a decent at attempt at getting the song near that level. My only complaint is that like their last album "Transmission Zero" the guitar tone on this song seems a little in the mix. Overall this is a likable enough version to tide you over a little until their next full length appears.

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