Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All hail the yeti



So given the band name I was expecting something large, shaggy and mean. Does this band's music live up to those expectations? Well, yes and no. This LA based band have been around since 2006 and knocked out an EP a few years ago. The band has played around opening for a number of national acts including Fear Factory, Soulfly and others. The style here is thick and mostly leans towards metalcore with the vocals and simple yet heavy music being typical of that sound. They do touch on some slower moments as well. What I do like about this band is they mostly take a direct approach and aim to stomp you down early on. I can appreciate that. They take a few chances with mixing in some different tempos and make their music less predictable than it could have been. Okay, now there is a flipside to this. Although most of the songs have the coming out swinging they frequently settle in after that to more basic formulas and that's where they get dull at times. They do take some chances and show some hints of some diverse ideas yet they don't stick with these ideas very long. I am sure they uncertain about using them or they just prefer the safer approach. Either way I kept hoping for them to surprise and run with some different ideas and it didn't happen enough for my liking. There is some definite potential here and hopefully they keep exploring their sound and pushing forward.

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