Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Reviews for suckas-White Lion:Big Game


white lion

Mr. T hasn't done one of these in a while partially because he has been recovering from the pain caused by listening to Operation Mindcrime 2 and Priest's Nostradamus. He's a tough guy so he was ready to get at it again. The earlier segments of this feature were hair metal and that's an easy target, but it's been a while since T tackled one of those albums so it was overdue. So this time he's taking on White Lion's third album the 1989 release "Big Game".

"Some times I miss the 80's. Then I remember worthless bands like White Lion and realize that there was a down side to that decade too. No talent fools with cotton candy hair got record contracts and their garbage was played on the radio. Look at some of the songs on "Big Game". "Goin' home tonight"? These guys are going to go home with lumps on their heads if I get a hold of them. "If my mind is evil"? Their minds were evil for writing this stupid junk and leaving it around for people to suffer from. "Let's get crazy"? These pathetic clowns are crazy if they think this sorry song counts as real music. "Don't say it's over"? It better be over because I can't take much more of these suckas and their boring jibba-jabba. There are probably people who work at Food Lion who could write better songs than White Lion did on this album. I pity the 80's fools who bought this worthless album."

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