Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dog Days-Via Dolorosa

Downpour Creative

This was one of those weird suggestions that Facebook throws out every now and then to me. Or rather the band's CD release show was. Given that I had never heard of this Kent, Ohio band I did a quick google search and found out that A)They were listed as "metal" in more then one spot on the web and B)They are most certainly not "metal", but rather street hardcore. The band's own Facebook page had a link to bandcamp (see below) where you could get a download of this album for free. Why not I figured? The band looks to be a five piece (from their Facebook page) and this 11-track album (that is just over 36 minutes in length) seems to be their debut album. If I'm mistaken then....well, I'm mistaken. No hard no foul. Seems as if this was laid to tape at Engine Room Recording and, as stated, this is so street-level hardcore. It's raw, real and nice and gritty. The band throws in little bits of punk and metal, but on the whole this is good old fashioned punch you in the nose hardcore. Certainly worth downloading if your looking for something a bit more mean and angry then what's being served to us in the name of "hardcore" these days.

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