Saturday, July 28, 2012

Klaus Schubert-Desperados On The Run



Austrian guitarist Klaus Schubert will (most likely) be an unknown name to most Americans. Those living in Europe will have no doubt know him thanks to his work with the heavy metal/hard rock outfit No Bros. No Bros were/are a well known and respected band. Klaus Schubert also had his own outfit (Schbert were another heavy metal act) as well as the Titty Twister Band (improv/live-project) and the Klaus Schuberts Blues Bunnies (later known as Klaus Schuberts Rock Bunnies). So, this guitarist has had his hands in a lot of bands/projects and for good reason-the guy can play. There are some seriously mad skills on display here. "Desperados On The Run" is mostly a collection of instrumental songs running the gamut of Schubert's career with these various acts. The list of players is long, but the music is what matters most so let's take a quick peek at that and then move on. Over the course of almost 60 minutes your treated to some excellent instrumental rock (well, mostly instrumental rock) that will appeal to those that love Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Shrapnel Records or, yeah this sounds weird I suppose, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. So, you should get the vibe if your familiar with any or all of those groups/artists/labels. This is shred/neo-classical/jam...whatever. It's good though so, as much as this would normally probably bore me to death, there was a lot of it I enjoyed. It helps that there is some variety present (the great blues-rock title cut for one) and some "traditional heavy/power" tracks like "(Angst) Let me put my finger" (from Schubert's self-titled outfit) to keep things "spicy" as it were. My best guess is fans of instrumental rock/shred guitar will eat this up/snort this down. The rest of you though? Hit or miss would be my bet.

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