Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sacred Oath-Darkness Visible


Sentinel Steel/Angel Thorne

Reunion or comeback albums are always a tricky deal. Sacred Oath entered into a touch one a few years ago. They recorded "A Crystal Vision' in 1987 and it was released the next year. The album was highly regarded, but the band had already split due to various problems. The band did a re-recording album of their debut called "A Crystal Revision" in 2005. Almost two decades after their debut they were ready to knocked out an album of originals. Honestly it lacks some of the raw aggressiveness of their debut. However the style is similar and they rely on a more slick delivery that requires a little more patience from the listener, but after a few plays it sinks in that Sacred Oath deliver a very worthy follow-up to "A Crystal Vision". The influences are the same as the debut with early Maiden, Queensryche, Crimson Glory and others coming to mind. Their style is a mixture of classic, power metal and even a few almost  thrash bits. Tracks like "Battle Cry", "Queen of the night", "Unholy man" and "Prophecy" are good examples of  the strongly crafted metal on this album. When I listen to this album I do briefly wonder what this band would have sounded like had they not broken up in the late 80's. It's a shame they stopped then, but at least they go back together and soldiered on in a direction that fans of their early material can appreciate.

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