Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stalion Four-Rough Times

Pure Rock Records

There is indeed a God (and it's quite obvious by now that he loves good rock and roll as much as the rest of us) because this latest Swedish hard rock/heavy metal act offers some sweet, soul-kicking rock. Prior to to this the band released three demos and a 7“-EP, "Devil In Me". Again, with this sort of group there is no need to get fancy or cute with a long-winded review. Instead cut your your teeth on this: Krokus, AC/CD and early Accept ripping through 10 tracks of hard rock that fans of those three groups (or for that matter Bullet or Airbourne) will dig. This five piece is lead by Björn (or Brian Johnson possessed by the late, great Bon Scott) and offer no-frills rock that sounds more like AC/DC then anything although AC/DC never had as much of a punk vibe as these guys do. Not punk in a Sex Pistols kind of way, but punk as in "bar room, blue jeans, cheap beer, loud guitars and a D.I.Y. attitude" kind of way. Might be a bit of a love for all things Lemmy as well, but more then anything it's AC/DC do or die love and thankfully they pull it off better then both Bullet and Airborne. This is one release I'll be adding to my play list.

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