Monday, July 16, 2012

Sacred Oath-'Till death do us part

Angel Thorne

 'Till death do us part captures Sacred Oath live at the Keep it true Festival IX in Dittigheim, Germany in 2007. Back in the 80's when Sacred Oath were preparing and then releasing their debut "A Crystal Vision" they had developed a reputation as a really good live band. Even though this show was around two decades after that time it still proves that they were indeed able to bring the energy to their live show. This set draws tracks from 2007's Darkness Visible and 1988's Crystal Vision. Listening to the tracks live it's hard to believe theses tracks were done almost twenty years apart because they certainly have the same flavor and are played with the same high skill level. By this time vocalist/guitarist Rob Thorne and Kenny Evans are the only ones left from their debut album. Bill Smith fills the other guitar slot and Scott Waite is on bass on this live album replacing Lou Liotta who had played on "Darkness Visible". Despite only having two albums at the time these guys just go into it like a band with a dozen albums as rule the show and control all that's going on. Rob Thorne keeps the introductory banter to a minimum between songs as the band instead just lays song after song with the right amount of energy and precision. I don't know how much the show was touched in any post-production, but the sound quality is very strong here. Perhaps I would have also have like to have heard what they sounded like live say around 1987. Still I have no complaints with this album. The highlights for me include "The omen", "A crystal vision", "Prophecy" and "Battle Cry". This disc also includes the video "Words upon the stone".

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