Friday, July 06, 2012

Seizure Crypt-You've been had


316 Productions

New York's Seizure Crypt return with their fourth album. Right away this album is more punk rock than some of their previous work which is fine. They have always had a prominent sense of humor and that trend continues here. I like that these guys are influences by a lot of 80's punk rock. They keep it short and simple plus they can be quirky at times. However considering these songs are all very short this album became very tedious for me on several occasions. They don't always go straight ahead which is fine except the direction. The problem being they frequently change it up yet when they do it tends to drag. It rarely feels natural or adds a great deal to the sound. Instead when they do this it tends to slow down the momentum. They would get it going, throw in a change up and then just ind of stew around for awhile until they go back on course and wrapped up the song. They energy start with frequently got sidetracked here all to often. Overall this album was a real mixed bag where the average and just decent songs outweigh the good ones.

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