Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Mortal Infinity-District Destruction

 mortal inifinity
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Normally I see an old style thrash album coming and I don't get to thrilled. Not that I don't like thrash, in fact I love it but I heard so much back in the late 80's. Add to that the fact that most young bands playing that style today just rehash the sounds of the thrash act from the late 80's/early 90's. I still think that although doesn't mean all. Mortal Inifinity are in the minority because they are a band who take the best elements of old school thrash yet they manage to keep it fresh enough to make me care about what they are doing. The album opens with the rather average Intro., but is quickly followed up by "Thrill to kill" which is a devastatingly heavy monster in the style of Slayer and Kreator. Just from this one song I could tell that this band had a tight grasp on this style. They immediately showed a great deal of skill for using and manipulating rhythms as well twisting the hooks to their advantage. "At dawn of death" comes on next and is equally explosive. It also shows that the previous track was no fluke because again they mix technical skill with pure brutal heaviness. "Wake of devastation" marches on and we a different dimension to this band. Instead of blasting ahead thy maintain control and stomp forward. This track reminded me some of early Testament. Next up is "Retribution" which has riffs and beats flying and crossing all over the place. Yet eventually they all meet and the band channels them into another crushing assault on the senses. "District Destruction" slows to a grinding level for almost the entire first half of the songs before exploding into a more ferocious thrash attack. The best is yet to come on the final three tracks. "Condemned Rising" reminds me of a cross between Slayer and Exodus with sounds bursting out and the vocals growl and scream along accordingly. Just when i thought that song was tough next comes "Radical response" which is a mean and nasty monster that comes out swinging with all the band has. There's a slight  hardcore edge mixed in and a terrific moshing style blast that begins right before the three minute mark. Last up is the appropriately named "Sound of brutality". Now this is how thrash is done so take note. This song is a clinic or to rip into a song and never let up. Fans of killer thrash should be impressed by and thankful to Mortal Infinity for creating this album. Very impressive indeed.

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