Monday, July 02, 2012

Various Artists-Summer Sampler 2012

Roxx Records

This was a nice surprise to find in my inbox last Friday. I mean first off all I really like sampler albums and secondly I really like a lot of what Roxx Records has to offer. A few of these artists I've reviewed in the past like The Sacrificed and Jump Ship Quick. Some I know of (Ultimatum for one is lead by my freind over at No Life 'Til Metal, Scott Waters) while the rest were new to me like ForChristSake and Ascendent. Overall this is a nice little sampler covering everything from hard rock to punk to thrash. The track list is as follows:

The Sacrificed – Behold The Power of God
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘III’ (Now Available)
Liberty N Justice – Get Down
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Hell is coming to Breakfast’ (Now Available)
Jump Ship Quick – Hollywouldn’t
* Taken from the Punk Roxx Records Release ‘Where thieves cannot tread’ (Now Available)
Join The Dead – Out of Breath
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Join The Dead’ (Release Date August 7, 2012)
Liberty N Justice – Jesus Love Shout
* Taken from the Roxx Records Release ‘Before the Revolution - Best of LNJ The Early Years’ (Available Fall 2012)
Ultimatum – Heart of Metal (Metal Pulse Radio Mix)
* Taken from the Roxx Records BONUS DISC version ‘Heart of Metal – 20 years of Ultimatum’ (Available Fall 2012)
ForChristSake – Red Moon
* Previously unreleased live version recorded on the 11th of May in Midtown Wales UK! Watch for their debut album on Roxx Records ‘Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror’ (Available Fall 2012)
Ascendant – The Alteration
* Taken from the album ‘The Alteration’ with US Distribution through Roxx Records (Now Available)

Per the promo:

"If you like what you hear jump over to our website or any of our retail outlets and pick up a copy to support the cause! Roxx Records titles are available at Amazon, Century Media, CD Baby, iTunes and wherever fine indie music is supported!"

Indeed, good stuff folks!

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Anonymous The Rock Bat said...

This one sounds really good indeed.

10:39 AM  

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