Tuesday, June 26, 2012



 This was released last year, but is showed up in my mailbox this month so I gave it a shot. Hailing from Chile this is the debut from Warchest. They formed back in 2008. The influences are obvious, it's a mix of late 80's and 90's metal including Pantera and Metallica. They often alternate from galloping Bay area style thrash to crunchier, but very simplistic metal attacks. What I enjoyed most about this album was they played it rather straight-up. No long introductions just a lot of going straight forward and sticking to a basic, buy heavy enough route. I probably prefer the thrash oriented tracks more and they tackle those with a fair amount of skill. The downside for this band is that although I enjoyed the music for half the album or so it was getting old in the second half and my interest was fading down the stretch. The reason for that is their basic style can only last them for so long. By the end I was hoping they would take a chance, mix it up or do something a little bit unpredictable. That never happened and they just stuck to simple patterns and closed out the album. It's not a bad album at all in fact it's good, but it's far from spectacular. It's decent for what it is but they don't deliver anything that makes me think they can progress beyond this level.

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