Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obsessor-In fear of the end


Dear Brandon "The Obsessor" Ferrell,

   I just listened to your new seven inch "In fear of the end" which is your third seven inch in a year. I am aware that you handle all the duties for this band and you do a great job. However, why do you continue to torture us by just giving us two tracks at a time? A new Obsessor release shows up for me and I get excited, then I listen and realize just as I am getting into it the music ends because it's just two short tracks. How could you do this to us? Teasing us with a mere two songs and that's it. Granted "In fear of the end" is a thick bludgeoning assault that that mixes early skull smashing hardcore like Discharge and the Exploited with early thrash. The vocals drip the appropriate amount of venom and anger as well. I admit the second song "Aftershock"  explodes after a short introduction. Yes it does plow straight ahead combining the relentless energy of Broken Bones with some charged-up metal riffs. Admittedly I played both songs four times in a row because they were so instantly memorable and addictive. know what, just keep doing what you're doing.

Metal Mark
Heavy metal Time Machine

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