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Retro-classic metal act Volture are back so get out your leather jacket, come your hair down and get ready to feel like it's 1981 again with this seven inch. This began as a side project for Municipal Waste's guitarist Ryan Waste (who actually plays bass with this band). The band is rounded out by members who have been in the likes of Twisted Tower Dire, Immortal Avenger, Cannabis Corpse and others. So we have some veteran musicians channeling their love for old school metal into a pair of songs this time around. "Rulebreaker" begins with a furious riff and then settles into more standard rhythms. They draw in numerous influences including Saxon, Priest, Maiden and a slew of others. Their 2010 EP "Shocking it's prey" was pretty good, but it took me about of this song to know they have gotten even better since then. This song is tied together very well, I looked for weaknesses but other than not being highly original it's very good. The riffs are tight and the vocals are not afraid to go up high but charge when needed as well. The second track is a cover of Gotham City's "Killer Angels". Right away it's a fine choice. They do it justice and put enough of their own style into it to boot. Only two songs, but this band is quickly getting much better

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