Thursday, June 21, 2012

Titans Eve-Life Apocalypse


Vancouver, BC act Titans Eve made some noise with their 2010 full-length debut release "The Divine Equal". It was not their first release (that honor belonged to 2009's "Into The Fire" EP) , but it certainly set the ball in motion by getting some rave reviews. In fact it was named album of the month (Sept 2011) by Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany). Not too bad an acknowledgment for such a young act. Now, just like the group's last album this new release is a concept album. Also, just like "The Divine Equal" it is based on themes from The Books Of Genesis and the poem "Paradise Lost". Like it or not that is some pretty heavy stuff there, but nothing compared to the physical heaviness Titans Eve lays down on the 11 tracks that make up of "Life Apocalypse". While the story is all people experiencing life changing events (and their stories of courage in order to survive overall disaster) the music is straight out of the cage brutal modern metal. Oh no! Did I just dare to say "modern metal"? Well, yes I did. Don't run away yet though com-padres. When I say modern metal I don't mean "toss everything in and see what sticks" metal. This is more or less (frankly more) just thrash with some excellent rough and ready/raw lead vocalist sprinkled on for crunch. Speaking of crunch, Titans Eve have that in spades. The crunch factor has been turned all the way up and then some. There is going to be some people drawing comparisons to early Pantera in addition to Cavalera Conspiracy and even Motorhead. That is not a bad thing to have I suppose. Some where inside Titans Eve is hardcore too. Sick Of It All and the Cro-Mags must have made an appearance or two on some of the band members turntables and tape decks. How else do you explain that bottom-end sound? Back to the thrash though and there is enough here to suggest that Titans Eve have listened to the golden oldies on this side (Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Annihilator) and the other side of the pound (German thrash anyone?) but, just when you think you have these guys pegged they toss out the instrumental number, "A Wound That Never Heals". It is just so different sounding from the rest of "Life Apocalypse" that you have to double check your album. It's a real number alright and every bit as good as you could hope. You have to find out for yourself though. Don't pass this one up folks.

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