Thursday, June 21, 2012

Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust-Toxic Waste (split)

Sometimes you get splits albums where you wonder why the two bands were paired up. This time around the two acts in questions have always fairly similar to me. Both Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust play retro-thrash, both have risen to the top of that scene, both have been around for just over a decade, both have released a crap load of material, both frequently have horror themes tossed in and both have seem to have a fondness for hazardous material as well. So what we get here is two tracks from each band. Municipal Waste contribute "Trapped in the sites" and "Mourning Sex". The first is rather typical for them as it's a Nuclear Assault style thrasher with two speeds but it has some decent thrash bits. The second track opens up a little more with the speed although it's fairly one dimensional track. They still call upon enough grinding old school thrash/crossover moments to make it worth while. Toxic Holocaust offer up "We bring 'em hell" and "Altar-ed States". The first is lead by some seared throat vocals and followed up with early thrash/death that just flies on and only slows down briefly. It's only around a minute and a half, but it still felt like the song was losing momentum before the end. The second track fares better as the energy is up a notch and they switch up the tempo some and the heaviness level helps a great deal. Overall this is both bands doing the same styles they have been doing. I admit if asked I have always much preferred Municipal Waste over Toxic Holocaust. Both follow old styles of thrash, but Municipal Waste follow a less tread upon style. I always wished that the prime of crossover had lasted longer. However at least I am not alone in that opinion as this band has embraced that sound. Fans of these bands will definitely enjoy this release. It will be released as a picture disc and on glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Also the kind people at Tankcrimes have a free download available now. Link for free download.

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