Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Few NWOBHM bands have made such an impact with so little in the way of "official" releases and yet that is the case with Demon Pact. Formed in 1979 (and formerly known as Fenris Wolf) the band became well known for their 1981 single, "Eaten Alive". Said single explored the joys of cannibalism and, no doubt at the time, must have caused a bit of an uproar among the high and mighty. Still though their is more to the band then just that one single. That is why I am so thankful for a label like High Roller Records. Although the band only official released a handful of tracks High Roller Records someone managed to gather up enough material for a full-length compilation entitled "Released From Hell". Initially this was released on vinyl and, as much as I love my LPs, I had high hopes that sooner or later it would get a proper CD release. Sure enough it has and a mere week or so after ordering my copy from overseas I was enjoying some of the best raw heavy metal the time period had to offer. The bands story is a bit too long and winding for this early in the morning. The best I can offer is to suggest that if you love raw metal (Venom, Motorhead, Tank) then Demon Pact is a must own. This collection gathers demos, singles, live cuts and unreleased material and is a killer look at an act that was just a little ahead of their time for their own good. Thankfully bands like Demon Pact now get another chance at life thanks to dedicated collectors, fans and record labels.

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