Tuesday, August 07, 2012

August Announcement

With August being a very busy month for me (more on that in a second) Metal Mark will be carrying the bulk of load like he used to. I will still try to pop in every now and then with a review or article, but family priorities must come first. With my younger brother and his family in town for two weeks it is important for me to have plenty of time with them. As they live on the west coast we only get together every now and then and considering the fact that my nine year old niece is here as well....well, let's just say a house with three kids does not leave a lot of free time! With my girlfriend flying in to town at the tail end of their visit for a few days and then the fact that I will be flying down there (Tenn.) to visit her a week later it is a crazy busy month! Don't even get me started on school starting back up! Being a single parent is hard enough as I'm sure many of you know. So, being that I carry the responsibility with little to no help even "normal" times in my life require a lot of give and take/balancing. As I said though I do hope to review an album or two in my spare time as music is life and life is music.


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