Friday, August 17, 2012

Eldorado-Antigravity sound machine


I have enjoyed this band in the past and what I liked about them was their mix of influences and the ease with which they blended those influences. Their new album follows that approach. As with most every other album that's been sent to me over the last two weeks this one again still took me numerous spins before I could totally figure out what I felt about this album. "Maybe Forever" comes on sounding like early 90's hard rock with all attitude and grooves of that style, but the solo and the intensity towards the end of the track goes beyond the limitations of that style. "Mr. Saturn comes sliding on merging together some late 70's riffs that sound like they've been dragged through the 90's and into present day yet maintain some of the best elements of all those decades. "Like a lost child" emerges slowly with the rhythm section gradually leading the way. This song is minimal at times given the spread out beats and notes, but it really shows the power of this band's writing. "Another bright Sunday" has the band standing tall and spreading their energy around for all to witness.The rest continues on with Eldorado pulling from different sources and riding hard over all  they have to give. They mix grit, grooves and incorporate strong elements from numerous time periods into this tight little capsule of an album. Another job well done by Eldorado.

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