Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blood of the black owl-Light the fires


Blood of the black owl are certainly one of those bands where I have to be in a certain mood to listen to them. I have enjoyed their work in the past, but firmly acknowledge that I have to be patient when sitting down to listen to them. The new album is no different because I have to sit back and let it soak in before passing judgement. This isn't straight forward at all. Blood of the black owl create vast landscapes of sound. They tend to get the progressive rock label slapped on them and that's totally off. Blood of the black owl don't just mix in nature sounds with the music, but instead the nature sounds guide much of their music. However this isn't just blowing a few flutes and shaking a couple of rattles, but instead they use numerous sounds and instruments to created the layers and textures of their creations.The sounds tend to be sparse and frequently trickle or drag along. The vocals are few in comparison with the total run time of the album, but when they happen it's done in a gruff manner and still stay secondary to the music. There are moments where I hope for the band to do more, but eventually they do. It's just that they get to where they are going at their pace and through their own route. That's where patience from the listener comes in. This album has it's share of tedious moments, but it has has more than it's share brilliant parts as well. The good far outweighs anything else on "Light the fires". This is an album where I wish I can turn down the lights, sit back and feel like I am far out in the woods looking up at the stars in the sky. However there is certainly a sinister undertone to much of the music as well. Not for everyone, but always a band whose albums I look forward to.

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