Thursday, August 16, 2012

Current playlist

Listening to:
Mystic Force- The Eternal Quest (Forgotten Gems on this one coming soon. A good non-doom metal band from Maryland-that's rare.)
Powermad-Demo 1985 (I liked them better before they signed to a major label.)
Grand Magus-Iron Will ( I still go back and forth on these guys. Very hit and miss.)
High Tide-Sea Shanties (So very 60's.)
Lizzy Borden-Demo 1983 (Been a huge fan of theirs since Give 'em the axe and this demo rocks too.)
Viper-Soldiers of sunrise (Had not heard this in a while and it's way better than I remember it being.)
White Sister-s/t (I always go back and forth on this one too. I wished they'd picked either AOR or hard rock and gone all in one direction. Still decent enough.)
Fallen Angels-s/t (It kind of has a Hanoi Rocks sound so of course I like it a lot.)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell-Don't hear it...fear it! (Review posted the other day.)
Logan's Run soundtrack (It's always time for 70's sci-fi music.)

Welcome back Kotter season one (R.I.P-Ron Palillo)
The creature walks among us (as requested by my son)
Bones season one

various cookbooks and books on storage

***I'd like to extend prayers to the members, staff and families of Baroness who were in a bad bus crash in the UK yesterday.

****What are you listening to, reading  and or watching?


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