Friday, August 31, 2012

Rabbits-Bites rites

Good to die

I admit it, I was staring at that cover for a while before playing this disc. That foaming, crazes and ferocious beast on the cover had me hoping the music would live up to the package. It certainly comes close. This Portland, Oregon trio are about volume and depth. You won't find tight knit strumming or technical noodling here. This is doom/stoner rock for fans who want who feel like they are being smashed on the head by multiple hammers. Precision was left outside the recording studio when these went in carve out these songs. They just flat beat and pound their way through these raw and brutal tracks. They use feedback, echoes, growls, rough pounding drums to their advantage. Despite the basic frequently plodding approach this album is anything but predictable and that where it really succeeds. On a number of tracks they use repetition, but that works when the tones they are repeating are as heavy and strange as what this band can summon up. They spare nothing here and chew up the songs as if they are putting all of their hate and power into every ounce of music and maybe they are. I don't really have a favorite track because each song has it's own sound and all of them are worth hearing over and over. Check this one out if you get a chance because it is certainly outstanding.

Labor day reviewathon count-1 down 9 to go 
Time left- three days, three hours and around twenty minutes
*I need to review ten albums by the end of Labor Day or I have to listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie. (Shudder, shudder)

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