Friday, August 31, 2012

Magnum-On The 13th Day


It was Magnum's forth album, "The Eleventh Hour", that served as a means of introduction to yours truly in regards to this hugely influential British progressive/melodic hard rock band. From that point I did my fair share of jumping back and forth among albums and songs picking up what I liked while tossing aside the rest. Now I find myself staring down the barrel of Magnum's eighteenth studio album, "On The 13thDay" which, I've just got to say, is pretty solid front cover to back cover. Magnum fans should/will most likely buy this regardless of what anyone says. Fair enough. Magnum deserve such loyalty I figure. Those that don't know the band (which I figure is actually a pretty high percentage judging by informal polls I've run) imagine if you will high-class British hard rock with a strong epic vibe that doesn't ever quite cross over into the cheesy Euro-style that makes me want to stuff my ears with dynamite and then light the fuse! Overall this is a classy album from a classy band.

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