Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doro-Under my skin disc 1 and 2



I remember the first time I heard Doro Pesch's voice. It was 1986 and I borrowed the "True as steel" cassette from someone. In '86 I was beginning to consider myself beyond that "regular" metal stuff like Maiden, Priest, Accept and Dio because I was getting huge into thrash and thought is was transcending that mid-paced metal I had listened to in previous years. However this Warlock tape had me hooked right away. The music was steady, but the best part was the vocals. I heard female metal vocalists like Lita Ford and Lee Aaron before, but this German vocalist Doro Pesch was beyond that. It wasn't about being the best female metal vocalist around it was that she was one of and still is one of the best metal vocalists out there. The year 1986 seems so far off now and unfortunately Warlock didn't last too many years past that. Doro had the talent and the name so she continued on with her own band. She has a strong range to her voice, but she has always made putting emotion in her voice appear very easy and I am sure that it isn't that easy for many people. Looking at her whole career I prefer her work in Warlock over her Doro material just because I think the sound had a raw edge that has made it sound wonderful even today. Still her talent and the consistency in her work over the years have made her still a relevant performer in the metal world. This two disc 32 track set contains staples of her career as well as rare B-side singles and hand-written liner notes. Okay, it's probably  a contract obligation with her label because every couple of years all veteran acts release a "greatest hits/best of" collection. However any chance to listen to this much of Doro sits fine with me. This collection offers up a good selection of styles from hard rockers to ballads and others in  between. From those selections you can here Doro's skill at being able get the most out on her voice no matter what the style or pace may be. She always sounds comfortable with what she's singing and perhaps that's why she has survived in the music world for as long as she has. A great collection indeed.

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*I need to review ten albums by the end of Labor Day or I have to listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie. (That's it for today. I am half way there.).

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